An annoying problem with saving to DXF or DWG

Occasionally when saving a 2D profile to DXF or DWG for laser or water jet cutting, arcs, circles and slots with radius corners will appear normal on my tube but when opened at the shop doing the work will be made of multiple splines, open splines with parts missing, and slots can be trapezoidal in shape, or circles made into a series of lines not even coming close to a circle.

This very same 3dm file saved again as a DXF or DWG the next day will open fine at the different shops that is doing the water jet or laser cutting. Were I work we have multiple seats of Rhino and I seem to be the only one that has this problem,

Naturally I and others have gone through line by line with the save settings in the DWG/DXF export option box to see if there is a difference and none are found.

The only thing that seems to be different in all cases is that my seat started out as Rhino 4 and has been updated to Rhino 5, The others seats in my group started out as Rhino 5. This also means I have the most experience with Rhino as well.

Hi RBL - if you can send us a file (3dm, dxf output, and the export scheme would be best) that opens ‘ugly’ that would be a start. Are templates, units and tolerances the same on all of your machines?


Thanks Pascal

It also has happened most recently when I send a step file. I’m attaching the latest, The one with the single detail (.5 DETAIL) is the one with the problem. The small holes had issues, all but one was “ugly”. The other one (7 GA DETAILS) with multiple parts had no issues.
.5 DETAIL.dxf (3.3 MB)
.5 DETAIL.stp (106.5 KB)
.5 DETAIL.3dm (186.7 KB)
7 GA DETAILS.stp (311.9 KB)

Since I have this on and off file problem, Ill save to my desk top in multiple formats and then drag and drop to Groupwise to email. They were all created at nearly the same time by making the solid 2d and saving in the file format.

Export Scheme is

Hi RBL - I can bring all of the .5Detail.* files back into Rhino on top of the original and they sit right on top of one another - do you see that? I mean, it all looks as clean as the original file, so I guess the stuff is in the exported files correctly… Just poking arund here, I see your original circles are not listed as circles but these are simplified to circles in the dxf export process, being well within the simplify tolerance. I’m at a loss, at the moment, to explain the problem you see. Can you post a screen shot of what looks ugly downstream?