DXF export not working to my client and how to export closed crvs in dxf

I have a dxf file I’m trying to have cut in steel and the client says they are having problems with it. The file wouldn’t parse on their auto dxf uploader. Its just a 2d file.

Also when I open the dxf file most of my closed curves are now open, don’t know if that’s kosher or how to export in dxf to get around it, I and they prefer curves closed. I noticed when I export as ai the curves are closed but I have yet to hear from them if they can use that file.

Meanwhile I’m wondering how to export closed curves in dxf?
And is something wrong with this file I can’t catch?
I can’t post the file here but I will upload to Upload support and reference this thread.
Thanks for any help or insights,

I’ve tried ai and cam imperial dxf as per the fabricators request but they can’t load this file. They were able to open my last dxfs I sent them. I sent the file to tech at mcneel hopefully something will work.

This is the last email from the fabricator,
"These are still giving me errors. I’m going to check in with our engineers about what we can do with the file.

Thank you for working with us on this!

Have you noticed the Explode polycurves option in the export scheme?

Hi @martinsiegrist,
That’s good to know. John Brock was kind enough to also suggest the same settings.
Turns out Rhino was not at fault it was something on the fabricators side though they didn’t tell me what it was.
Thanks and thanks to John Brock for taking a look at the file.

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