Rhino 6 how to turn snapshot slideshow into a movie?

The rendering is so impressive in Rhino 6, and the slideshow is wonderful,… how do I make it a movie?

I use Bongo plugin and Power Director 15 video editor to make video animations. The Power Director has a built-in screen recorder which can easily turn the snapshot slideshow into a video. All I have to do is to start the screen recorder, run the snapshot slideshow, and stop the screen recorder.

There are many other commercial video editors which also have a built-in the screen recorder. There is at least one good free screen recorder:
ChrisPC Screen Recorder: https://www.videohelp.com/software/ChrisPC-Screen-Recorder

You may find more free screen recorders here: https://www.videohelp.com/software/sections/video-editors-advanced

Thank you for your reply, I have success when I keep the image size to that of the Perspective window (when in 4View). However when I use full screen (and because the monitors are 4k), the movie image is not as smooth and displays a visual stutter or not smooth output.

For that reason, I was hoping that McNeel might add an export or save as feature, to export or save as 30 or 25fps MPEG or as a bunch of single image files that could then be imported into a Movie.

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Update your video card drivers.

Always a good idea to check for updates of the video driver. I am running a Nvidia Quadro K5000 on two Samsung SMS27A850 monitors set at this resolution; 2560 x 1440. Updates to the video card was current.

The answer to my issue of stuttering play during the animation of the snapshots was the complexity of the model in Rhino. See this model (available free) https://flyingarchitecture.com/models/brawn-gp-formula

I think you will have a similar result. Thank you for your suggestions, I think that screen recording has its limits.


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That is a nice model, couldn’t resist doing a quick render (1m46s, 500samples) in Raytraced

If you take the two fake wheel covers off it looks even better…2018-04-12_183853. But my point remains the same, with complicated models, the screen capture method , will always look jerky. This feature should have a “Snapshot to Movie” option that would insure 25, or 30 frames per second… and a smooth view for the client.

Oh sure, I wasn’t implying this be the way to capture fluent animations from snapshots.

FWIW I think the plan is to bake the snapshots into Bongo animations, which then can be rendered out through Bongo into animations with FPS of your choosing. There is no schedule for that, though.

any workflow that allows you to do this in rhino? can you save each individual frame as a png, and combine the files later?

As Andrew answered in post # 2 here, you’ll either need Bongo or a 3rd party screen recorder application to do this.

There is another way to do this without Bongo or 3rd party software. I made a video about it.