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Question about the Snapshot function. I have been playing with it and its works great, but the question was posed to me, “that looks good, now put it on a PDF or a Powerpoint!”

Is that possible, can I output the snapshots with animation to a file format that be utilized in a presentation like a Powerpoint of 3d PDF?




An option to export as transparent .pngs would be great too. So you can put them into a layout (indesign/keynote/PowerPoint) without ‘white boxes’ form the viewport background.

Yep, but has anyone written anything for that purpose?

I’m pretty sure Snapshots is not scriptable yet, so I don’t think anyone except its developer can write anything for it. Independently of what export options they create it would be great if they also add the ability to make our own macros/scripts too.

In a file with two snapshots, called ‘One’ and ‘Two’ you can use for instance the macros

-_SnapShots _Restore One _Enter _Enter


-_SnapShots _Restore Two _Enter _Enter

Check -_Snapshots in the command-line for all options…

Our snapshots have content-relevant names that get renamed, and are different in every file. For example: 01_molded_top_with_inserts_pantonexyz, 02_sheetmetal_top_dark_annodized,…

It’s their a way to export ‘all snapshots’? Without having to retype a macro?

For your walking needs: (252 Bytes)

# walk'em snappies
# by mr jesterKing.

import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino as r

snappies = [n for n in sc.doc.Snapshots.Names]

for snappy in snappies:
	r.RhinoApp.RunScript("-_SnapShots _Restore \"" + snappy + "\" _Enter _Enter", False)

edit: add your view capturing as you like. See for nice python-y way of doing that.


But no way to export as an animated GIF then?

No(t at this moment). I think it is planned to have keyframes-to-bongo at some point, so that you can then render out with Bongo.

Until then your best bet is to use a screen capturing software - if you’re looking for something cheap (free) you could try Open Broadcaster Software. Despite its name it also does recording. It takes a moment to set up and get used to, but you should be able to create high quality recordings.

Here a quick result of a recording with OBS, with minimal editing (trimming at start and end).

(use this link to view in high quality from the start)

The 3dm file I used is MaterialSwitcherAndAutomatedRendering.3dm (1.2 MB)


Thanks mate. I will see how my boss wants to handle this. Cheers!

Pro tip: If I ever let my bosses (when I had them) decide what technology/tools/hardware/software/solutions to use at work, my career would be over by now.


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There’s no “letting” where I work, Its do it this way or there’s the door.

Sorry to hear Dan. Especially when talking about being pro-active about finding ways to be more productive. And on stuff as trivial as a gif-maker.

We are now slowly switching from Octane to Vray because even though I run the team and it was my decision to use Octane, one of my employees made a very good case why Vray makes more sense for us.

We are also bringing in two new hires, both great at Siemens NX, and guess what? I have said: “We’ll never pay for that expensive shit!!!” …this afternoon I have a meeting with Siemens. (Stop laughing Bob, I can hear you from here :rofl:)

HAHAHA I was laughing too! :joy:

Hi @nathanletwory,

I wanted to add this tool to our scripts /workspace so we can output screen captures to file that match the names of our snapshots.

Right now I have a really dumb manual/macro way that can only restore a predefined list of snapshots names. So getting this approach to work wold be a lot better.

I know you mentioned that we can “add your view capturing as you like” and linked to a scrip from @dale, but I have no idea how to incorporate this.

I’d like to have a macro when I can be prompted a folder location and write put all the snapshots as .pngs to that folder. And have a place in the script where I can replace the pixel height and width that I want for that viewcapture to file.

For example, when I look at this code below:

…I have no idea where I have to put the resolution that I want, like 1920x1080 for example.

Also this script most likely will overwrite .png files with the same name on that folder, since the whole point of this script is to update .pngs after a design/rhino file change, so all the documentation with screenshots about that file get updated, and our Indesign documentation file gets updated with new linked .pngs.

Could you guys please help? Thanks!

here’s an example .3dm file w/ 3 saved snapshots to work with.export_all_snapshots_vecaptures_byname_gf_190414.3dm (3.8 MB)


Hi Gustavo - I’ll take a look…


Hmm, I think I already posted on this forum a script that captures all snapshots. Searching.

I sent over something that seems to work OK. (Although I have not heard that from Gustavo… so maybe keep looking)


I can’t find it from my collection of scripts, but I’ll also post a script in an hour or so.