Export to AI from Layout view?

Hello, I stumbled when I wanted to export a model from the layout view to a AI file: I used the Layout to set the scale, as I was working in meters and needed to print in an A3 paper. Now, with the scaled correctly set I wanted to edit line widths, types, colors, etc.

I selected the objects on my detail and clicked on “export selected”, but a “no objects to export” message came up.

Is layout only for pdf export and print? Should I create a whole new document in cm, copy paste my model there, scale it and export from there?


I’ve been requesting this feature for years without any luck :frowning:

The work around I use is maintaining layer’s color and print to PDF. Then, once in Illustrator, you can select one line, go to Select menu, select same appearance and Illustrator will select all similar lines, then you can group them or create a new layer and move them to that new layer. Repeat that process as many times you need to…

After rereading your message , do you know that you can set a scale when you are exporting to Illustrator from model space?
In model space, select everything you need to expot, go to file, export and pick Illustrator. When the dialog appears click option and choose desired scale. That way when you open the file in Illustrator, all layers will be maintained. Does it make sense?

Yes it does, thank you. But the thing is that I set the scale in a desired page in a desired position, with annotations and etc.

But yea, I guess I could export the layout to pdf and open it up in illustrator.