Centre Object in Detail window of Layout


I ve been having trouble with preparing this file for printing: Fin.3dm (2.7 MB)

I wonder how I can center the object in the A4 page. While in the Detail window I cant move the model. While in model window I cant snap to anything on the layout.


Edit: how can I export my scaled model from the layour window to Illustrator?

Hello ShynnSup,
If you’re familiar with AutoCad, it works the same. Double click the detail view to open it and then you can orient its contents on the page to your liking. To quickly center the drawing, either use Zoom -> Extents or, in your case, select your lines and use Zoom -> Selected.

In my opinion, best way to export into AI is from the model view in 1:1, however, if I wanted to export the page, I would print it into PDF and then open the resulting PDF in Illustrator.


Thanks for the answer! Thats a good way of doing it.
Converting into PDF and then opening in AI has no quality downside right? I would be the same as to directly export as AI or no?

I’m not sure, but later on, Illustrator saves into PDF and it works totally the same like AI.