Exporting .obj with materials + textures

Dear all,

A client recently asked me to export a file as .obj/.fbx including all materials and textures. This file is going to be used in another program to code an AR app. I can’t seem to be able to save the file whilst keeping all materials + textures.

I have checked the save textures box. I have tried both phong and lambert materials. Both ASCII and binary. I always get some materials, but never all together. What could be the problem? I’ll attach the .3dm file here.
Exporting problem.3dm (8.3 MB)

I know exporting to OBJ with materials has been asked and answered many times, but I can’t find it right now.

Maybe @BrianJ or @theoutside has those details.

The MTL companion file to the exported OBJ contains texture names in material names which are applied to meshes in the file. It does not embed the texture map itself. UV mapping is preserved though in the format to control how textures are applied. Keep the OBJ, MTL and texture map files in the same directory when moving the files. I’d imagine there is a way to bundle assets in specific AR/VR apps for easy transfer but I haven’t done that myself yet to offer more help.