Export issues from Rhino to Illustrator

I lately have some issues exporting 2D drawings from Rhino to an Illustrator file.
Some of the curves (only round shapes e.g. circles or soft edges) were completely deformed when opening in Illustrator.

We already tried to scale the drawings larger or smaller, we copied the whole stuff on one layer, we saved the file by “save as” and “export selected”, we checked all the available export options in the “export selected” menu … but none of those attempts led to a satisfying result.

The strange thing about it is that we have several computers with the same Rhino licence and service pack installed and we have this export issues on all computers except of one! And even on that single working computer it sometimes works on the first try and sometimes you have to export the stuff twice to fix it (with still the exact same settings!). We unfortunately couldn´t find any different settings yet which could cause those problems!

I have no clue what we could change to solve this problem. Does anyone have the same issues? Are there maybe any options/settings to enable/disable, which could lead to those issues?

I would appreciate any help!

It sounds weird that this is computer specific.
There was a recent thread about this here: Deformed Circles.

This will be fixed in the next release of Rhino WIP.

The solution for v5 is using the FitCrv command on the Make2D drawings before exporting them to an ai file. The FitCrv command removes the weight differences from all control points.