Export in SolidWorks format?

A client of mine wants models delivered in SolidWorks 2015 format. Can Rhino 5 export in that format?

Hi Niels- no - Rhino can read SW files but does not write them.


Hi Pascal

Thank you for your reply.

Will it be possible to write SW in the future, do you think?

Why would Step files not suffice?

I’ve had to fight some ignorance in the past, and in the end step always worked out ok.


I think the main problem is the licensing is very expensive… --Mitch


Why would Step files not suffice?

It would as far as I can see. But they say, that they need the parametrics in the SW-format. I don’t know if that is right or can be solved otherwise?

The only way you’ll get paramatics in a SW file is to use Solidworks, none of the importers read the parametrics from other solid modelers. If you import a SW file into Inventor you just get a dumb solid the same as using stp or igs.


But also, there is not a lot to be gained, I don’t think, since there would be no construction history- I’m not sure what you could get that would be better than STEP export. Convenience, perhaps - one less file format to deal with.


Plus one less translation…

Solidworks has feature recognition that can be used to apply a certain degree of parametrics to the imported file. Also, I’m sure that there is a system of direct modeling that the user can use to apply parametrics when and where needed.

Got to wonder what depth of IP was involved to develop the Creo 3 Unite feature, allowing some foreign native CAD data to be opened and utilized with some parametrics.