Rhino 2015 to Solidworks 2015

I am trying to open my rhino files into solidworks. I converted it to .step but then solidworks is not allowing me to resize the dimensions of my model. It allows me to edit and cut things inside the model but not resize, expand the wide dimensions of the model.
PC (windows 8)
Do I need a plugin for this? What’s the strategy? Your help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Of course not. It’s got nothing to do with Rhino. Bring a STEP file into Solidworks from any source and you will have the same issue.


Dan thanks for your answer. What else can I use to bring files into Solidworks? Any plugin?

I thought SolidWorks had some kind of a “Feature recognition” tool that made an attempt at attaching parametric controls to imported models?

Certainly it can’t be anything as comprehensive as a model fully generated in SW, but is it better than nothing?

John, you are correct. I just sent a Rhino file via IGES to our SWX guru and he converted it to a SWX file with a fully editable feature tree.

Learn something every day!


How ‘dumbed down’ is the resulting part, compared to the same thing made fully within SWX?

For the simple part we tested it wasn’t dumbed down at all. But I can’t imagine this working 100% on anything but simple geometry.

Also note that we are using something called FeatureWorks. I’m not sure if that comes with Solidworks of if it’s an additional add-on that we purchased. I don’t involve myself in the Solidworks admin around here.


Thanks for all your answers! Solidworks 2016 Feature Recognition works 50/60% of the time (at least with complicated files). The results are 6-7 out of 10. It will be nice to have a rhino plugin that you can install in solidworks and is able to read files (similar to t-splines)…