Importin UI to my new computer

Hi. I remember it took me a while to set all my preferences in my mac.
Today I got a new computer (Mac) and I would like to import it (everything) as it is in my laptop.

I did a middle_toolbar popup, my menus are floating like in windows and so on.

Is there any way I can get exactly same configuration without redoing it again ?

In case not, It will be helpful to start with my middle mouse toolbar. I can not find how to export it or find it in my mac content in order to load it in the new computer.

Thanks a lot for your help.


try save as template on the old pc and load to the new one

Hi Bruno. Maybe I misunderstood the question… I do not think it’s possible to import Rhino’s Windows on Rhino Mac preferences.
If instead you want to export and import preferences between Mac, type _ExportPreferences and export the .plist file then type _importPreferences on the new Mac and check the desired entries.


I am working between macs :wink: