Export High resolution image of output

How can we export high resolution capture of 3D output in shapediver.

Thank you

There are two features for extracting images from a ShapeDiver model, depending on what you need.

If you want to export a screenshot of the online ShapeDiver viewer, directly from the web browser, you can use the getScreenshot function of the viewer API. You can send this documentation to your web developer, and you can test it directly in the ShapeDiver platform by opening your browser console from the model view page and entering the following command:
which returns a base64 image.

If you want to export more detailed drawings and plans that you create inside your Grasshopper, you can use the Squid plugin alongside the export components of the ShapeDiver plugin. You can find a tutorial video about this process here: How To Export PDF Files From Rhino Grasshopper! - YouTube

Just note, that there are some limitations, and the SD team evaluating them.


Thank you for this help