High resolution images from configurator

I managed to get a nice viewport look from the configurator and I am curious if there is a way to get high-res images from ShapeDiver. Currently, we are using screenshots (api.scene.getScreenshot()) but we want to go beyond user screen resolution. Let’s start with case of A3 format with 150 PPI which is 1754px x 2480px, is it possible even on 1920x1080 screen?

I have a 4k display, and (api.scene.getScreenshot()) seams to be limited to full HD resolution (1920x1080). If you force your html canva to 4K, it still outputs full HD images.
Would be nice to produce high resolution scene captures ! =)

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Sorry for bumping the High-Res question, it would be handy to confront limitations with my potential client as soon as possible.

Simply, can I get an image in custom resolution? for instance 3508 x 4961 pixels? If not is there any workaround?

Our development team is reviewing this issue, we will get back to you with feedback and potential fixes in the near future. Thank you for your feedback.