Exporting images and Shapediver-Squid connection

I am trying to create “Fact sheet” for the product that can be exported/downloaded as image (jpeg).
I would like to have 3d image of product, some text and logo/additional images.

I tried to use squid for ShapeDiver and I was able to create image from vector data. But I don’t know how to combine additional bitmap images (bitmaps genereted from vectors and bitmaps imported as input images) into one image with all data for one jpeg file. test export.gh (15.0 KB)

I try to use merge component in order to combine two bitmaps for exporting as jpeg, but only first image in the list is used for export. Squid’s quck preview also shows only first element in the list. Is it possible to combine/merge GrasshoppreBitmaps via ShapeDiver and Squid?

Question 2: Is it possible to “capture” 3d view from shapediver viewer and use it as image for exporting?

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  1. If you want to “merge” external images with those ones created in Grasshopper (bitmaps), what you can do is use the “Image” component under the “Instructions” section to get the “Squid Instructions” to redraw such images beside the Grasshopper bitmaps.

    The squid component just outputs one image (however if you give a three of instructions, you can create several images but they get saved locally, not outputted in Grasshopper) and the export component just allow you to export one file.

  2. You can create 3D isometric or perspective drawings by using the new component of Rhino 6 called “Make2D” which will give you the curves that then you can process with Squid to convert them to images. More info here.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. It works, but Grasshopper make2D component in grasshopper doesn’t work. It only works, after baking polyline curves generated from Grasshopper make2D component.

@Bojan_T Make2D does works. Please have a look at this demo model.

Make2D Squid_Demo.gh (15.8 KB)

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks it works.