Export from Zbrush to Rhinoceros

Hi, I have a Zbrush modeling and I exported it to the rhino where it has the enscape so I can render it, but I noticed that when I imported the zbrush modeling into the rhino it was too heavy and when opening the enscape it was too heavy. I noticed that when I import something from zbrush to rhino it’s like a mesh, is there another way to import the file in a lighter way and be able to render with enscape?

Not really. You could try using QuadRemesh to bring down the amount of polygons. Or maybe ZBrush has a way to decimate the amount of polygons prior to exporting?

Maybe the number of triangles, You could decimate it in Zbrush, I think the name is decimation Master plugin in Zbrush .

I managed to make the zbrush file lighter, using the master decimation plugin. Thanks for the answers!