Best way to import in to Zbrush

Any advice on best way to save out a model so it can be imported in to Zbrush would be appreciated. I have tried obj and fbx with mixed results. Some of the model shows up and some of it just isn’t there. Should the export be able to handle surfaces – or does everything have to be a solid?

Thank you.

There’s not much to it: Make sure that you mesh your geometry dense and evenly - you should use custom settings for this, as all presets try to mesh with as few faces as possible. That’s not what you want here.

Simply use .obj. make sure that you uncheck Ngons (Zbrush can’t deal with them) and depending of your Rhino-version you need to uncheck “Wrap long lines” - better save this as a permanent setting - no other mesh program can open your file if this checkbox is clicked.

I would suggest starting with volumes (they may have naked edges or small gaps) you can close the mesh and remesh in Zbrush.

Hey @hifred. Sorry to get back to you so late, but your advice worked and I really appreciate your answer. Could you tell me, however, about the settings on the Mesh tab? What are the pros and cons of Welded, Unwelded or Unmodified?

Thanking you in advance.

As you want your model joined together as one piece you should not check ‘unwelded’.