How to export DXF/DWG clean file?

How to export DXF/DWG clean file like a picture
Thank you.

Step 1, edit:


Step 2, choose a different scheme like “natural” or “lines & arcs”:

I did it doesn’t work.

then I think I can’t help you :frowning:

Thank you for helping. I think it about “Surface isocurves” but how to close it when export file?

OH, so you want to export a surface? DXF/DWG is for drawings, not sure if it even works with (nurbs-)surfaces.

yes, i want to export to DXF because I use to cutting CNC.

If you want to generate a flat outline of a surface why don’t you try to use make2D command? If your CAM software does support dxf format, try to export outline curves in dxf format (use default settings).
Hope it will help.
curves.dxf (167.6 KB)
surface to dxf.3dm (323.1 KB)


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You save my day, _make2D Its okay then that’s way like _DupFaceBorder as well.

Thank a lots.

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Yeah, but make2D projects all resultant curves on the construction plane (z = 0). Which is handy.
You are more than welcome!

Or not, depending on if you need to machine parts at the original object height… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: