Exporting Different File Types

Hi All,

I have a couple of scripts that take rhino geometry and export it as various file types (DWG, SAT, etc). Currently the script selects the geometry and basically automates the command line for the exporting process. Is there a way in RhinoCommon (or OpenNurbs) to take the rhino geometry and export it without automating the command line? Is there a specific library within Rhino, RhinoCommon, etc that I should be calling? Any dot Net solution would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Charlie,

No, there is not. The reason being that all save/export file types (with the exception of 3dm) are plug-in based. And many of these plug-ins are not written by us. Thus, there is no way of knowing what parameters each of these exporters require. So, scripting the Save, SaveAs, or Export commands is the correct method from RhinoCommon.