Export file from QGIS with data associated

I am working on a project that requires the extensive use of QGIS and I was wondering: what options are there to export polygons or curve layers from QGIS to Rhino with the data associated to the geometry? In a DXF this information is lost. I can export layers in these formats:

While this isn’t directly related to Rhino as a product, it would be a welcome improvement if the Rhino team could add .3dm export functionality to QGIS seeing as how it is capable of associating data to geometry. That would be a major workflow improvement and a reason to use QGIS and Rhino in conjunction. I opened a feature request on the QGIS Github page here: .3dm export support (for Rhinoceros) · Issue #45504 · qgis/QGIS · GitHub.

Hi -
From those formats, in addition to DXF, Rhino reads DGN files.
There are a few Grasshopper plug-ins that read GeoJSON that you could look into.

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Now that you mention it, I found that using the GeoJSON route using Grasshopper to be quite slow actually (it is an urban project). So I guess I’ll try the DGN method then, thanks!

Hi @Intuos ,
In addition to Wim’s reply, you can always use the ESRI shapefile format.
Most of Grasshopper plugins support it:

Here is Gismo plugin example. import_shape_file.gh (55.1 KB)

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