Converting 3dm to DEM and or surface data Rhino to QGIS


I am editing terrain in Rhino (mesh object) and would like to take the edits into Qgis. How do I convert from a Rhino .3dm to a .DEM .SHP (digital elevation Model or a Shapefile). I have been looking for a solution but it seems most people do not go form Rhino to Qgis.

I have been trying to use Autocad and Autocad Civil3D as in intermediate conversion step but I am having trouble. Any suggestions?

The goal is to run sound dampening a light path simulations on the terrain, so If anyone knows ways to do that not in Qgis that would be helpful too.

Thank you

What if you use ExtractPt on the mesh (make sure you set Output=PointCloud before selecting your mesh!), then export the point cloud as a points (.txt) file, using a comma as the separator. Change the exported file extension afterwards from .txt to .csv. You should be able to import the .csv into QGIS I thinkā€¦