Export DXF for 3D CNC milling elaboration


Do you have any suggestions on how to export 3 dimensional models from Rhino to dxf. to be imported in RDworks 8.0 or Aspire for 3D CNC milling?

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Vectric software reads .3dm files directly, but currently only reads Rhino version 5 files. Thus you need to export your geometry as a Rhino 5 file. The best way is to “export selected” after you have selected the solids (closed poly surfaces) you want to machine. Select “Rhino 5 .3dm” as the file type on the output file selection window.

If you really want .dxf or .dwg a similar process is used, but the desired file type should be selected from the dropdown.

I do not know what Vactric software is exactly, I should have a look at it. My issue is exporting a 'readable 'dxf. file to be received by RDworks 8.0 or Aspire. (Softwares employed by the guy who will produce the components I have designed for my model.)

We can always produce them through stl. but it is a monolithic components and he has no control over the it throughout the process.

Many thanks

Aspire is a Vectric product, as are Vcarve and Cut3d. I assumed you knew that when you mentioned Aspire.


I don’t know anything about RDworks but use Vectric Vcarve, which is a slightly less capable version of Aspire. It works very well with exported Rhino5 .3dm files. I’d highly recommend that approach. I suggest discussing it with your production guy.

Will do, thank you for your support.