Rhino 6 convert for aspire

I need help converting a 3D drawing of a neck to be pulled up on Aspire to tool path

Hello - what file format does Aspire like?


I can import .dwg .stl

Hello - and what is the problem you’re encountering?


I use dxf for input to Vcarve.

That’s for 2D lines, no?

Yes. I just took a quick look in my files to see what the extensions were. Later I went back and refreshed my memory because I’m working on a 3d thing that I’ll be taking into Vcarve in a few days.

What I discovered is that .3dm is one of the formats Vcarve will read directly. It is easy to miss, especially for a beginner, because the way you use it is by being in “Model” mode and then clicking the import 3d icon in the 3d section of the window. It’s not under the “Files” menu where you might expect it to be.

It’s been a while since I used this feature, but as I recall it works pretty well.

BTW: Vcarve is a slightly slimmed down version of Aspire.

It is?

These are the extensions I thought vcarve could pull in.

I stand corrected. Either it’s always been there and I never noticed, or it wasn’t in version 8 and I never noticed in 9. Anyway, nice to know.

Yes for vectors. But when you go to import component/3d model it show .3dm as an option for importing. Never tried it though.

These programs are kind of two programs in one as regards 2 1/2 d and 3d routing and milling. By that I mean the workflow is enough different that for 3d that you definitely need to be aware of it. It’s not a big deal once you catch on, but initially if your mind is set to 2 or 2 1/2 d mode the 3d can be confounding. Vectric has some good tutorials, but you will need to invest an hour or so watching them.