Export data and phenotype

I would like to kindly inquire about the result why the data is not producing any output after the simulation ends?

Furthermore, the phenotype displayed in the output (on the right) exhibits a displacement in the grid compared to the original chart (on the left).

As for your first question, when you save the simulation and re open it again, the data output is lost. if you wish to save the Data in the GH file, you need to internalise the Data output in a data component in GH. and as for the second question, I suspect there is a data tree and mix and matching issue

Thank you for your reply!
The interface state after the simulation was maintained without being closed. Furthermore, an attempt was made to export phenotypes in order to obtain results for a portion of the population, but this also failed, although there are graphs being plotted, the results could not be obtained upon decoding phenotype, is there any way to solve this apart from manually modifying the parameters?

I need to check out your file to understand your problem better. Can’t do anything more now

Upon studying the sample files again, I noticed that, in this specific example, the data remains empty as well. Maybe I have misunderstood the procedure for exporting the corresponding values?

Example files:
Wallacei X_Example File_visualisaing PCP for Pareto Fronts.gh (391.5 KB)

I explained it in my first response that data input will be lost if you do not internalise it after simulation ends in GH. You need to get the data out from the data output and internalise it in a data component in order to make sure it is saved in the GH file.

The issue has been resolved, and I apologize for my first misinterpretation. Additionally, I realized that I forgot to input the data for the phenotype. Thank you again!

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Hello, i have same issue.whether ‘internalise the data’ should be taken after decode phenotypes on geometries? i want to output the data of phenotypes,like this 'Wallacei Phenotype(Gen58,Idv0),
Wallacei Phenotype(Gen58,Idv1),Wallacei Phenotype(Gen58,Idv2),Wallacei Phenotype(Gen58,Idv3)
'. it could help me exchange size of the grid in x/y direction, when i restart window.