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Data is not being saved when I run the optimization or when I export the list of generation. The data output stay empty. Is there something I am missing? How can I generate/save the data?

Here is another photo. You can see I exported the last 5 generation. Phenotypes where generated but not the data. Is there something I did wrong?

I was able to record the data using the grasshopper record component at the time when Wallacei was exporting the phenotypes. But the Wallacei did not record the data for some reason!

When you save the GH file, the Data is not going to be saved ( it is not serialized) so when you re-open the file, it will be gone - so if you wish to have the data saved in the GH file, bring the Data Parameter component and internalise the data output from WallaceiX into that component.
We intentionally have made this decision. Because you can input any data into data input, even geometry data. To prevent increasing the GH file size after a simulation, the data will not be saved. and if someone wants to save it, they can simply internalise it into a data component.


I also had the same problem. When I closed the file and opened it again, my data output was blank. but i think i figured out the cause of this problem.

Apart from this issue, I have one more question.

As a result of optimization, I connected the UDI, cooling, heating and lighting data corresponding to each solution to the data input. but as a result of optimization, while there are 1500 solutions in the gene list, the data corresponding to these values is 1488. There are 12 missing data. What is the reason for this or where am I doing wrong?

wallacei optimization (1.1 MB)
wallacei optimization 26.08.3dm (38.6 KB)

I’m having the same problem as listed above - the data output isn’t collecting anything - but I haven’t closed the window since I ran Wallacei. Any ideas as to what may be causing the issue?

you must first input data into the WallaceiX ‘Data’ input. In your image you arent inputting anything into ‘data’. to learn more about how to use the data input, whatch this video (go to minute 5:25)

remember, make sure you internalise the data output before closing your definition, ‘data’ will not be saved in wallacei.x component.