Export Block Count to CSV with Thumbnail Image?


I know block manager can export a list of all block quantities to a CSV but is there a way to also include the block preview image?

It would be really useful to be able to export a list of parts (BOM) along with a visual reference of each block (ideally with a specific display mode?).


Hi @felttippen
*.csv files (comma separeted values) are inherently text based, so you can’t embed image files in a *.csv. Best bet would be to have the images stored online and have the file contain an URL linking to the preview. It could probably be scripted by someone more talented then me.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks Jakob.

This is what I thought and sadly my skill set doesn’t include scripting!

It’s annoying that there is a block preview image but no way exporting it easily along with information on Block names and quantities. I will have to add in images to my smartsheet manually :frowning:

@pascal Is there a way to add ‘copy image to clipboard’ to the right click menu on the block preview image?

Hello- none that I know of without an external screen grabber - Windows Snipping Tool would be one way.