Animate slider transparency


I have some difficulties with “animate slider” in GH:
When I export an animation the image is washed out.

This is probably since there is an transparency applied to the object; but even if I add a solid white background layer in Photoshop, the images do not match:

Also a solid white( or any other color) background sphere in GH does not work:

When .jpg is used the image is correct but suffers from heavy compression:

Is there a way to get the exact image from the viewport without jpg compression? (6.9 KB)

it seams that transparency is applied when rendering to the viewport and then again when saving to the png file. This results in “double transparency”
In Photoshop you can unlink by: layer>layer mask>from transparency; then disable the layer mask:

Unfortunately this is a bit to much work for animations- Is there a way to export the image with the correct transparency applied?

hey @Konrad I am actually having the opposite issue. I am desperately trying to export .png files with a transparent background from the “animate slider” in GH. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get any transparent results from the viewport render. Any insight on how you rendered something with transparency?