Examples not working

Hello at Shapediver.

I am just trying to understand the new API and look at the examples. Yet all the examples show the same error when running:

Can you fix this, please?

Also I would like to do some cosmetic CSS changes in the iframe embedded viewer. Do you have a successful method of doing this? The viewer would be perfect with a few minor tweaks and it would be a shame to have to use the API and recreate 90% of it ourselves.

Regarding the issue with the examples: we did several tests on our side and everything seems to work well. Could you reload the page and try again? There might have been a temporary issue in the service we use for the examples (Code Sandbox).

Regarding iframe CSS tweaks: this is not possible at the moment. We will in the future provide code examples which recreate a standard UI that can be tweaked without having to create everything from scratch, but at the moment personalizing the iframe beyond the color scheme and some other basic properties is only possible with the API.

How strange. Yes, its working again for me now as well.

The CSS tweaks would be super cool, since its really a lot of work for basically just hiding a few elements and tweaking the layout a tiny bit. I think you should just have a custom CSS textbox in the settings of a model that get loaded. It’s pretty standard for example in Wordpress themes, etc. because in a very simple way you can get something that can do a lot.