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EvolveLAB Veras for Rhino 7

Veras is an AI-powered visualization add-in, that uses your 3d model geometry as a substrate for creativity and inspiration.

We have released a new version of Veras ( that includes support for Rhino 7 (Windows)! Feel free to check it out!

Download new version here: Veras Installer

Release notes: Veras Forum Release Post

EvolveLAB Site: Veras App Page

Quick Guide: Getting Started with Veras Rhino


2023-03-16 - 02-07-36


To see more Veras examples, you can check out the Veras Gallery on our forum:

2023-04-25 - 14-11-57 - opera

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Hi @benjaminguler,

You might consider adding a landing page on Food4Rhino, as a lot of Rhino users look for tools here.


– Dale

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@dale - Thank you for the suggestion! I started the process, and we should have it up there soon.

We also have a new Veras for Rhino video that includes some neat workflows, some using grasshopper.

Main topics covered:
:fire: Using Veras for AI visualization in Rhino
:fire: Using Grasshopper3D and Rhino3D combined with Veras to create AI Generated Designs
:fire: Using ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering for Veras paired with Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D to explore design Ideation.

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V1 Veras Release

Veras v1.0 is now officially released, featuring higher geometry retention with the new Geometry Override slider.

Release Notes: Veras - Release - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum


2023-06-27 - 16-53-25

2023-06-27 - 17-21-06

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V1.2 Veras Release

Veras v1.2 is now officially released, featuring Render Selection, 2k Resolutions, a revamped UI, and many more improvements.

Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.2 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum


Render Selection




Higher Resolutions & Render Engine V4


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V1.3 & 1.4 Veras Releases

Veras v1.3 & 1.4 brings some sweet new upgrades: V5 Render Engine with superior quality and resolution improvements, Explore Mode, 4x render speed with Simultaneous Renderings, and many more improvements.

Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.2 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum
Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.3 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum

We will also be releasing support for Rhino 8 soon!

Render Engine V5

reference: Ricardo Maturana | LinkedIn

reference: rmaturana | Instagram

Explore Mode


V1.5 & 1.6 Veras Releases

Veras 1.5 & 1.6 is here, bringing a slew of enhancements to take your AI rendering experience to a whole new level! :art::sparkles:

:rainbow: V6 Render Engine Upgrades:

  • Darker, richer tones :new_moon:
  • Better color balance :art:
  • More balanced contrast :balance_scale:
  • Say goodbye to a plastic-like aesthetic at high prompt strength values :no_entry_sign:
  • Now compatible with black and white sketches :memo:
  • Enhanced background and entourage that isn’t modeled :national_park:

:star2: Render Selection Blend:

  • Customize edge blur for the blend of the selected image with the background render :arrows_counterclockwise:
    • Exclusive to V6

:new: User Interface Enhancements:

  • New renders badge to highlight unseen renders :tada:
  • Click the badge to view the next unseen render :eye_in_speech_bubble:
  • Left/right keyboard shortcuts won’t interfere with text prompts anymore :keyboard:
  • Prevent text prompt overwrites by not setting a new render as active when generated :no_entry_sign:
  • Easily delete unwanted renders to keep your workspace clean :wastebasket:

:key: Updated Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • [Ctrl] + [Enter] - Start a new render :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • [Delete] - Delete the selected render :wastebasket:
  • [Shift] + [S] - Save the selected render :floppy_disk:
  • [O] - Toggle between base and rendered images :arrows_counterclockwise:
  • [P] - Start pen tool in Refine Mode :pen:

:camera_flash: Upscale Images up to 50MP:

  • Take your visuals to new heights with support for images up to 50MP! :sparkles:
    • Ex: 7080x7080, 9000x5500,

:mag: REFINE Mode Expansion:

  • Now, the powerful REFINE mode isn’t limited to just the selected rendering – it works directly on the uploaded image in the web app! :art::arrows_counterclockwise:
  • Seamlessly refine your designs, including the new Upscaling feature and Render Selection, all on your original uploaded image! :paintbrush:

Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.5 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum
Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.6 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum

2024-03-01 - 15-53-49 - vlc

V6 Render Engine

V6 Sketch Image Input

563bc8c4e6d423c4114fb332dcdd05d1a8232774 (1)

V6 Render Selection Blend

c36d9e01c232072df51aa2840f197f329cd76a1f (1)

Upscale Image


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V1.7 Veras Release

Rhino 8 is now fully supported!

no need to use this workaround anymore: Rhino 8 Veras Workaround - Veras Rhino - EvolveLAB Forum


  • New Enhance Render feature available under the EDIT tab
  • SSO Login - users can now sign in using Single Sign On!
  • 16:9 default resolution for the Veras plugins.
  • Render Selection from base image
    • the render selection uses the base image for structure instead of the rendered image

Release Notes: Veras - Release 1.7 - Veras - EvolveLAB Forum

Enhance Render



Enhance Render with Render Selection