Everything backwards

I believe I’ve changed some global setting but can’t figure what! When I use BoxEdit to rotate an object around the Y axis (positive degrees in Front view) I get a clockwise transformation instead of counter clockwise. What have I changed unaware.??

@mristau Try 4 viewports twice.

Tried your suggestion - Thanks
However, problem remains. Attaching file with notes.disorientation.3dm (1.5 MB)

did you tried with both modes? I mean the 4 viewports icon with left and right mouse button?
usually with the RMB ( 4 default viewports) solve almost every camera - cplane problem

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Thanks Diego
I did. Since your note I did again and still backwards!

Hello - can you please post a picture of the BoxEdit dialog - I’m interested in the bottom section where the base point etc is set.


Reinstalled Rhino. Rotation fine in Top view but still backwards in Front view! File and image of setup:
backwardsRotations.3dm (554.3 KB)

Hello - Positive rotation direction, assuming the axis is pointing out of the screen at you, it counter-clockwise. The same is true with the Rotate command. Does that make sense with what you’re seeing?


Thanks but no. I understand that positive rotation is counter clockwise. The results here are the opposite… positive values are clockwise.

Keep in mind that in Front, the World +Y axis points away from you.




So if in the Front view you rotate the red line in this file at 134.5 degrees (using BoxEdit), It is parallel to the blue line?? If so, that is not what is happening here. (the Y axis is pointing to back)
backwards2.3dm (31.3 KB)

Hello - I get this:

+134.5 degrees, counterclockwise relative to an axis pointing into the view away from the viewer…?


That is the same result I get. However, positive, counter clockwise rotation should result in same orientation as blue line.

Hello - imagine that you are looking at the setup from the other side - you arrow becomes clockwise from that point of view. What you show counterclockwise from this side, but the axis (+ World Y) is not pointing at us, it is pointing back into the image.


I appreciate your patience.
I’ve used Rhino for years to build simple models and the results I’m getting now are the exact opposite of what I’m used to. Perhaps the recent upgrade changed something? Pulling my hair out on this! Is there some setting I could have changed to cause this problem? Reinstall did not help.

Hello - I can only guess that you are setting the reference in BoxEdit to use World axes and that in the past you may have used CPlane axes… I don’t think the behavior has changed.



Why might top view be out of sync:

Hm - run 4View twice in a row… or CPlane World Top and see if that sorts it out.


Corrected that. Thanks!

Still don’t understand how, after all these years, rotation has become opposite of what I’m used to.(??)

Still not understanding why a positive rotation in the Front view (it should be counterclockwise) presents as if it is the Back view (it rotates clockwise).