Rhino 7 Evaluation license code doesn't work

I have downloaded the Rhino 7 Evaluation version and got the email for the code. Turns out when I install and launch the program it’s appear that “The license key is not valid or has been disabled.” And anyway that I can think of which result check out to be something like “There are no licenses for Rhinoceros 7 in your Rhino account”. I go to “Add a License” and put the code which I got via email but the result is “The code is not a valid license key. Please enter a supported license key.”, any help???

Your evaluation has expired, if you would like to continue to use Rhino please purchase a license.


" Your evaluation period started on 29 Nov 2021, the day you first downloaded Rhino 7 Evaluation, and expires on 27 Feb 2022 . After that date, Rhino 7 Evaluation will continue to function normally, except you will not be able to save your work." This was in the email. (I download it today, 29 Nov 2021)


You forget to mention you already had an evaluation period starting on September 1st, ending on November 30th today. Users are allowed one evaluation period per person. You are trying to circumvent that limitation, which is not allowed.

As mentioned before if you would like to continue using Rhino you’ll have to Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros a license.