Eto used in Revit plugin conflict with RhinoInsideRevit

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We are having an issue (Revit Plugin not runing - #15 by justinshultz - Revit Plugin - Pollination Discourse) with Eto that we used in our plugin that is shared between the Rhino plugin and Revit plugin. In Rhino plugin we use RhinoCommon which includes Eto so it doesn’t conflict with the Rhino. However in Revit plugin, we ship Eto with our Revit plugin which works independently, but it seems having an issue with RhinoInside Revit if the user has it installed.

The only solution that I could imagine is compiling our own version of Eto for Revit plugin. But before we go to this path, I’d like to check with you if you have any better solutions for this case.

cc @dale @Trav
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@kike - is this something you can help with?

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Hi @mingo1214,

How are you referencing Eto in your project? Nuget?
Rhino uses version 2.6 if you use same version should not be any problem.

This is how Rhino.Iniside initializes Eto.

internal static bool InitEto()
  if (Eto.Forms.Application.Instance is null)
    new Eto.Forms.Application(Eto.Platforms.Wpf).Attach();

    return true;

Do you have some similar lines on your side?