Eto Drawable running in Rhino + Revit-plugin + Rhino.Inside crashes Revit

Hi Curtis,

We have been developping a plut-in in Rhino and was using ETO with no problem. Recently we developed a Revit plug-in while using ETO (this ETO is referenced directly as a nuget package, so not the DLL from Rhino) and it is causing Revit to crash whenever
our plug-in in Rhino (running on Rhino NOT Rhino.Inside) runs (with a drawable interface) and
our plug-in in Revit runs (with a drawable interface) and
Rhino.Inside is running in Revit.

the error message we get is as follows:

It is suggesting the error is raised by Eto.Wpf.Drawing.PenHandlerwith a TypeInitializationException

We tested the same operations WITHOUT the UI part on both our Rhino plug-in side and Revit plug-in just to narrow down the issue, and it did NOT result in a crash …

Do you have any ideas on what is going on? it seems very strange that something running in Rhino can even have affect the Revit sandbox.

the Nuget package I am referencing in the Revit plug-in

Updated to the newest version of Eto.Forms and Eto.Pltform.Wpf. doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Hi @dc834,

When using Rhino.Inside, you should reference the Eto assemblies included with Rhino

– Dale