“etch” text to the inside surface of an oval

(Litwinaa) #1


I am trying to “etch” text to the inside surface of an oval ( closed solid polysurface) shown below in the top clipping plane view:

How please can one do this ? I have tried a number of approaches but they have not worked.

Thank you,

Andy Litwin

(John Brock) #2

How do you define etching in this case?
How will this be manufactured? With the inscription be cut into the object or do you want to model it deeply enough you can “print” it?
Etching generally implies a surface preparation or chemical abrading to change the finish.

(Litwinaa) #3

Hello John,

I am defining etching as cutting into the surface to make the letters. I do not yet know the way it will be manufactured. I am imagining the inscription will be cut into the object and it would be ideal if this could also be 3D printed.

Thank you,


(John Brock) #4

Okay, so the inscription needs to be modeled.
Did you use a font to create the inscription?
Can you post the Rhino file?

(Litwinaa) #5

Hello John,

Yes I used a font to create the inscription. I have included the text in the file “etch text to the inside surface of an oval.3dm” in the three text formats. etch text to the inside surface of an oval.3dm (508.5 KB)

Thank you,
Andy Litwin

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Andy - probably the best here is to flow the solid text onto an ellipse segment and then chop them out using a Boolean operation - hold on a bit, I’ll make you an example.

@litwinaa - the text as you have it overlaps between characters in a couple of places:

Before going any further mapping this onto the bracelet, I’d resolve that - make the letters either completely separate or clean up the intersections to make them one thing- the easy way to do that is to CurveBoolean the curves and then re-extrude the cleaned up curves.

Then Flow the solids from a line to an ellipse segment (in this case a surface isocurve from the inner face of the bracelet - use ExtractIsoCurve and if needed, SubCrv )

etch text to the inside surface of an oval_PG.3dm (2.8 MB)


(Litwinaa) #7

Hello Pascal,

Thank you so much for the help, advise and the example file. I sincerely appreciate it.