Error "view Identity" component

When I extend all parameters of the view identity component the compoent shows the following error.

I’m using the Version of Revit and RIR:

Thanks :pray:

Rhino.Inside Revit: 1.20.8836.21283 (2024-03-11T11:49:26)

Rhino: 7.36.23346.16351 (Rhino 7)
Revit: 2024.2.10 (
CLR: 4.0.30319.42000 (4.8.9241.0)
OS: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.22631.0

We are slightly off in some versioning, i’ll update my Revit.

Does choosing specific views (i see you are feeding in multiple) cause the error?

Hi @Japhy

I’ve tested it just for one active view.
I seems that the error appears when the output parameter does not exist for the specific view. The error message is just not clear.
Thanks for your help :pray:

  1. No View Dependency:

    Error Message:

  1. With View Dependency:
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Thanks for reporting.

Will be fixed on next 1.21.