New Component Family - Error msocrlib: string was not recognized as a valid boolean

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The screenshot shows how I normally bring rhino geometries into Revit as a WIP family component. It is simple as you can see and it usually works just fine. Yesterday I was trying to create a new component and this error pops out. It also happened right after the most recent Rhino 7 update, so I just want to post this to see if anyone runs into the same issue and/or knows how it can be fixed. I don’t even quite understand the error message here, so any insight will be appreciated!

Thank you!

Not seeing it here


Thank you,

So it looks like my rhino version is a bit more up to date, and for this project we are still in Revit 2020. Not sure if there is an easy way to go back to the previous update of rhino so I can try to identify the problem that way.

Screenshot (307)

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