Error says "Your building geometries are too far from the origin"

As the topic described, the error pops out, says “Your building geometries are too far from the origin”.
I am trying to simulate the outdoor airflow around a couple of buildings in an urban area with the use of Eddy3D. Here is what I have done:

  1. First, to conduct the simulation with a real case in South of China, a couple of building footprints with .shp format were prepared and projected to the UTM 50N projection (the origin of the coordinates: x=380000m, y=3100000m, z=0m);
  2. Next in Grasshopper, extrude all the buildings based on the building heights that stored in original .shp file;

    And then when I link the Mesh (building group) to the “Cylindrical domain/Geometry” of the Eddy3D, the Error comes out as shown below.

I assume that it might be solved by moving the building group to the origin (say x=0, y=0, z=0), but in that case, would the geo-information of my models be wrong and resulted in wrong simulation outcome since I use the certain Epw file as the input of Boundary condition?
Actually, I have tried to simulate the solar radiance with the same .shp file, same Epw in Ladybug and it works perfectly.
So what’s going on here and how could I fix it or how could I change the default origin coordinate of Eddy3D to my study case?
Anybody has any idea about it?

Numerical simulations hate having the model a long way from the origin, as due to the finite precision of floating point numbers, when large numbers are used the accuracy of results is far lower. Eddy3d clearly has a check to stop people doing this. You should ideally move everything back to 0,0,0 and try and find a fix. Or move it back in Grasshopper after getting the boundary condition info.

Hi Dom,
Thanks for your response, looks like have to move the building group back to 0,0,0, will try it with Butterfly to see if the same issue exists.