Error rhino for gemvision matrix9.0

I’m install rhino 5.14 with gemvision matrix 9.0. but i having error, when i saved my job in stack project and close program matrix then i restart matrix 9.0 i can’t see anything on stack project. But file is still has, just only i can’t see them on stack.

Do you run Matrix as administrator?
Have you tried on Gemvision forum?

@Trav @Kent_West any ideas?

yes. i run program as an administrator
i haven’t tried on gemvision forum. this is the first time i post my questsion

here this is my Screen desktop for that error

Ok you definitely should try on Gemvision forum… I think it’s a Matrix error not Rhino.

can you give link to forum matrix that you know is good

Nice Rhino customization, you even changed the icon on the title bar :smiley:

yes, a litte change for more fun work

it’s an official forum