Error loading ShapeDiver

Hello. After installing ShapeDiver from PackageManager, I am getting this screen. Uninstall / fresh install didn’t help. Could someone from @shapediver help, please? I will try to install the plugin the old way, that should help. Anyway, this might be a bug?

This is likely happening precisely because you still have old ShapeDiver-related files in the components folder when you installed it “the old way”. Make sure to remove all gha and dll from there (including GrasshopperBitmap.gha/dll).

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Thank you. It was because GrasshopperBitmap.dll was still present in “Libraries” folder. I didn’t know that this file is related to ShapeDiver.

Just to inform you: The issue was caused by installing “Rooster” plugin, which contains conflicting “GrasshopperBitmap” library. Deleting the library solves the issue.

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Had the same issue with the Rooster plugin. Your post helped me solve the issue. Thanks