Error loading shapediver plugin in grasshoper windows

Hi, I installed Shapediver plugin 1.17.1 and this is the error I get when opening Grasshopper. I am using windows 10.

Please let me know the following:

  • The version of Rhino you are using (the precise version number can be seen when you open Rhino → Help → About)
  • Maybe there are leftovers of other versions of the plugin, please check the folder %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages using explorer

-Version I am using - Version 8 SR1
-Also deleted leftovers of previous versions, but the same problem

Please update to the latest service release of Rhino 8 and try again.

Updated to version 8.7.24138.15431, 2024-05-17. The problem still remains for me.

Many thanks for trying this. Please check whether it works if you call SetDotNetRuntime and then set it to NETFramework.

It was changed to NETFramework. This is the error I got now a bit different from the previous one.

Please check whether you have any old versions of GrasshopperBitmap.dll lying around.

If that isn’t the case, there could be an incompatibility with another plugin that uses Castle.Windsor (NuGet Gallery | Castle.Windsor 6.0.0). Please check if other plugins that you are using contain a DLL named like this. If so, try to deactivate the plugin to narrow down the cause of the problem.

I had previously tried to install the Roster plugin, which had GrasshopperBitmap.dll file in it. Deleted the file and removed the plugin and I am getting no more error messages. Thanks!