Error in `rhinoscriptsyntax-structured-docstring.json`

Hello @piac !

:slight_smile: Oh yes ! a lot !! your data :slight_smile:

for this project and this I need structured data.
I did not take the option to write everything in Rhino with C# plugin.

I would like test an external server/broker (local or not) for dispatch : commands, helps, api, subjects of this forum, manuals and guides …, in short, all the resources related to the Rhino software in an international file format referenced by a simple URI.
This technique it’s not new, it’s the mechanism of the Linked-Data on the Web.

To day, i have difficulty to extract informations from your MadCap export Rhino doc help or Rhino User’s Guide (Because HTML is very complex and there are also errors that stop my script converter)

If we can have this in a generic public file format like DITA (I think MadCap does not export directly to JSON?) I’m happy !! (DITA or other standard file format that contain just the data for external processes)