Rhinoscriptsyntax.AddMesh - texture coordinates

Hi @stevebaer , there is probably a small typo in the rhinoscriptsyntax under rs.AddMesh, in this line shouldn`t it create two floats as arguments instead of three ?

tcs[i] = Rhino.Geometry.Point2f(tc[0], tc[1], tc[2])


Thanks! I just fixed this bug and pushed the changes up to github. This fix will be in SR6; you can also use the fixed script before SR6 if you just get the module from

Thank you, it works.


Hi @stevebaer, I would be very glad if you could have a look on my recent post on AddMesh method. I use it quite a lot and it used to work fine with rhino5.

Hi Tanguy,
In your other post you are using RhinoScript. Are you saying that you’re having the problem in rhinoscriptsyntax (Python) as well?