Error importing a single point using Heron 4.0

Hello Mr.@Brian_Washburn

I am putting a good use of Heron plugin, and importing geojson files as you suggested to my previous topic at the forum.

It works very well with most of my files, but when I try to read a single point, fields and values are readable but feature geometry is missing when using the importVector component.

However, if there are more than one point is given, the component works flawlessly.
Could you please explain why it works in this way?

Thank you very much.

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read_a_point.7z (7.8 KB)

P.S. Files are zipped since geojson is not allowed on the forum.

Hi @amaraa,
Thanks for finding this bug! Currently the ImportVector component will attempt to read just the fields and values if the extents of the data is invalid or has a height and width of 0. As this is just a point, the extents have a height and width of 0. I will update the code for the next release to allow ImportVector to attempt to read the data if the extents are 0 and clipping is turned off.

For now, can you just use a vertex of the extents?

Yes for sure, I will be using the extents until next release.

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice week~