Error - Data in the file corrupt


I have been using Rhino.Inside quite often to bridge the workflow between the grasshopper geometry and Revit, as well as create new family parameters. In the last months (especially since I created the new family parameters), I have frequently got this error when trying to sync the Revit file.

Have you seen this error before? Can’t get a report from it.

Im the only one in the team getting this error and the only that works with Rhino.Inside revit. Not sure if it is related.

I’ve seen it plenty in Revit files with lot of cad imports. I haven’t seen this with Rhino.Inside.Revit created elements.

Have you ran an Audit?

Yes, We have run it a couple of times and do not find any error. Even after the audit, the “Revit file corrupted” message keeps showing when doing “sync to central”.

PS. The central model is placed in the cloud.

Please see the instructions Autodesk provides for such a scenario.

Thanks @Japhy. I will try to go through and check if I can find a solution.

It is just weird that I can sync normally without any error message if not using Rhino.Inside. After opening rhino.inside, I get the error message when trying to sync.

We’ll need more info about the files and what you are doing. Can you zip and send us the files? Thanks

send privately to Mcneel

Anything in the document warnings? When was the last time you rebuilt the central and pulled a fresh local?

Hi @Japhy,

Since the model is located in the BIM360 cloud, I have been using pyrevit to wipe the BIM360 cache - which I believe is the way to create a fresh local but so far, not really helping. There is any better way when working in the cloud?
I can’t find anything relevant (for the situation) in the document warnings.

I forgot to mention that the error message comes always when doing “reload latest”

When was the last time the central file was recentralized? I know some projects that do this weekly to prevent these errors. Per the Revit Central File Maintenance link above.

Hi @Japhy, Sorry for the late reply.
I have been trying to understand with the BIM team how we can recentralize the file, but because it’s a cloud base file (BIM360) and shared between many users, it seems to be a bit more complicated.
I still get the same errors and until now, I don’t have any clear answer why.

Here’s an example of maintaining a healthy Bim360 Central file.