Rhino inside revit error


Does anyone get this error when trying to bring over geometry to Revit?

And how to solve it?


Just confirming this is the latest version or RIR throwing the error right?

Yes. Just downloaded today.

I can see a preview of my file inside revit. but won’t bring over the geometry!

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Model Extent error is definitely a Revit thing. But in this case the filename with the mangled name is an automatic export to SAT by RIR to get Revit to import the geometry properly. Would you mind sharing the Rhino model (or the errored part) that is causing this error?

Wondering if i could show you on-line now?
Via MS teams, zoom or the like?

Would be helpful.

So sharing the file is better since @kike is the geomery master and I want to send it to him for debugging. You can send the file in a message to me directly :smiley: Does that work?

did you receive the file?

It apperas i can transfer the geometry when i put it close to Rhino world coordinates o,o,o.

The problem is I need to get it transferred in absolute coordinates to match up with an excisting Revit file.
Any soultions are very welcome!


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Hi @mortenengel,

Since it works at (0,0,0) have you tried to move it back to the desired place after transfer it?

I mean in Grasshopper you can translate geometry to origin before transfer then transfer and using RiR move the result back to right place.

Does it work?
If this workaround works we can implement it as part of the transfer process to make it automatic.

Let me know.

Hi @kike ,

No this is a major problem in Rhino.
Everything that is far from origin 0,0,0 is causing trouble.

So I have to manualy move my rhino model to a fictive refferance point close to 0,0,0 in Rhino before i Export to Revit. Then the model has to be moved again in Revit to the correct coordinates.

Huge hassle and there is great risk of mistakes in the proces.

I really hope this issue will be adresses ASAP!


p.s. Now workin with Conveyor plug-in from proving ground. Muche easier than the grasshopper workflow. But same issues with geometry far from 0,0,0.