Rhino Inside Revit importing files error need help

Im trying to import my model from rhino in to revit using the Rhino WIP rhino inside revit method. Everytime i do I get a an error message. (System augment null exception, value can not be null) I’ve tried breaking up the 3 major imports from the base rhino file that being the exterior facade system, interior facade system, and the mullion system but still no luck can somebody please help me? Im running out of time on my competition and want to be able to do my floor plan in Revit. I would link the files by they are huge and won’t link (upwards of 50,000 kb for the smallest of the 3)

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Could you please expand on that for me I’ve only used it a few times and on real small things.

I have each part grouped together and now in there own rhino files

i have also tried by exporting as selected from rhino and saving as dxf file since sat didn’t work from me. I am able to import as cad into revit but it shows up as wire frame and is intangible so its not creating actual geometry from it but it does appear in the revit file.

Would you mind sharing the source file so we can replicate the error? Thanks!

ikeep getting errors every time i try to upload ithink the file is to big

Use this form to send in the file if you need: https://www.rhino3d.com/upload

Reference rhino inside technology so we get it from tech.

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Thanks Scott just sent 3 files through