Error closing rhinoceros during windows shut down

Hi! I have an installation of rhino 5 v5.14.522.8390 x86 in one of my clients windows 7 pc.
When Rhino is open and he turns off the pc this error appears:

I’ve found that if I disable the plugin “Rhino Toolbars and Menus” this error does not appear.
So I tried to reset the rhino toolbars but nothing changed. Also, only the x86 version gives this error and not the x64.

I have multiple clients with this rhino version and only he has this problem so I don’t think is related to the version number.

What could it be?

Hello- it might be worth making sure that Windows is 100% up to date, and uninstalling/reinstalling Rhino.


Hi, we updated windows to the latest version and reinstalled rhino. Nothing changed.

Hello - can you please open Options > Plug-ins page and filter the view for ‘Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino’ and take a screen shot of that?


It’s empty.

I really do not have any more ideas… Is Windows actually running in an Asian language or is that part of the error too?


Windows is running in English. The Asian text is part of the error. We don’t have any Asian software installed and if I translate it with google translate it makes no sense.

Maybe some library used inside the toolbar plugin? dunno :S