Error! Close currve selected not true

i used Rhinoceros V 6.16.19190.
I selected close curve not true. Why bugged?

assk.3dm (874.4 KB)

Hello - it looks like the function returns a GUID - of the new curve if successful and the input curve if not successful. Perhaps it should return Null on failure.


I used command “SelOpenCrv” and “SelClosedCrv” but the result is still the same.

Hello - the CloseCurve() operation failed. No new curve was created - the arc shaped pink curve has ends that are 1200 units apart. This function closes the curve by moving the end points, not by adding a new segment.

" Closes an open curve object by making adjustments to the end points so they meet at a point "
It does not look like it works at very large tolerance.

What are you trying to accomplish, exactly?


I try to use closed curves to calculate the area. Which method is comparable but doesn’t use the endpoint and startpoint to find the closed curve

i have solution for this. Thank for support <3