Error - can’t copy GH component or edit text in panel


I dont know why, but I get ofter the following erre, whereby I cant eddit copy GH comonents or edit text in panels (is seems, random times), (The component is simply not coppied. I noticed there is some text in Rhino command bar writing, possibly of iffluence).
The only work around is to restart GH-Rhino completely, hereafter it works again for some time.

I Googled the problem, and it seems the same as descibbed below, any suggestions/solutions?

I have seen this problem occur for people using two screens with Grasshopper being fully maximized on the second screen. It’s also impossible to delete components.

There is a workaround hidden in the VersionHistory.txt file, in the AppData folder. Give it a try.

  1. Click - Show desktop button on taskbar (Rhino and Grasshopper window minimizes)
  2. Click one more time - Show desktop button (Rhino window restores, but Grasshopper window is not)
  3. Just double click Grasshopper window to maximize it, and the problem disappears.

Perfect it works!