Enter Search - Baking - Spacebar

with Version 7 I assume, the Spacebar acts now as a Enter Search which still also works with double clicking the canvas and imho does not bring a big advantage. Now to quickly bake i have to press alt additionally. Maybe i am too much in a hurry but could not find how to change that back. I remember faintly seeing that brought up at some point, that its the way it is now, if so why again?

Also if changing this at all, why not just enabling to type ahead like Rhino? Without the need for extra calling the search.

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It would also allow a full keyboard oriented use of gh, calling components with codes to connect them, with the canvas moving to the active component, selecting component using the arrows and control keys to navigate through them, keyboard shortcuts to bake, hide, enable…

Also, i can’t replicate it now, but frequently my double click on gh canvas fails and my search entry ends up in the rhino command bar…

A “if(cursor.IsOverGhCanvas()) then EnableDirectGhSearch()” would be fantastic.
(Totally professional code ^)

It’s currently not even possible to shift focus from Rhino to Grasshopper by clicking on the GH canvas; any Rhino panels obscuring the GH canvas remain visible until one clicks the GH window title bar. :man_facepalming:

Oddly, double-click does work to hide the Rhino panels and open the search dialog. This is all apparent when using ALT-Tab to switch between Windows apps.