Enhance the command "Solid Point on"

Give the possibility to add intermediate points editable in the same way of vertex points. Create a cage of points (user-defined amount) on the surfaces of the solid, a cage of “n-points” that adapts to the shape of the solid, but with different results from the command “cage edit”.
A solid modeling freer and more powerful

You could do 6 in Rhino?

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Interesting idea… do you have a sample file and description of what you’d like to do exactly? I can imagine the user defined points being pushed and pulled for deforming the surface(s) but the level of influence of any one point as well as the preservation of surface continuity within the captive polysrf is unclear. If you can explain more I’ll file a wish list item and see what development thinks is possible. Sample files are great for this.

Hello Brian, I’d like to see something similar in Rhino 6, which is a more powerful solid modeling: easier said than done!

Thanks, I’ll share this with the developers and see what they say.

Wow. Adaptive fillets and blends!.If these knuckleheads could code this functionality, then the McNeel studs can do it better. Make it happen, Brian.